Hero Pop Up

Homepage alerts are popup windows that display when a user first goes to your site. 

Image 2015-11-10 at 7.28.18 PM.png

Not every site will have these enabled. To edit this content or enable the alert, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Pages/Nav
  • Go to Landing or Homepage
  • There will be a box called "Hero or Homepage Alert"
  • Simply edit the content within this field

To remove the Homepage Alert, take all of the text out & BentoBox will hide this.


For sites that launched before August 2015, please follow these instructions to add a Homepage Alert. 

  • When you log in, you'll land on the BentoBox Dashboard. 
  • If you scroll to the bottom there's a section called "Short Cuts".
  • There is a box called "Homepage Alert".
  • Simply edit the content within this field.

To remove the homepage alert, simply remove all of the text from the alert. BentoBox won't display the alert if there's no text. Do not delete it.


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