Menus can be viewed in a list format in Boxes. This is where you can add, edit, rearrange or delete your menus. There are 4 ways for your menus to be inputted into BentoBox. 

1. PDF Menus

2. HTML / Text Menus

3. Itemized Menus

4. JPG Menus

At BentoBox, we recommend your menus to be either HTML/Text or Itemized Menus. Having your menus be text based, ensures the best mobile experience for your guests. They're able to view all of your menu items clearly & easily.

For PDF/JPG menus, this allows you to keep the same design as the instore menus & can be easier to update. However, it may lead to some readability issues for your guest. A standard Menu PDF or JPG menu is meant to be viewed on large screens or paper. For a mobile device, the screen is around 300/400 pixels wide (much smaller than the standard piece of paper). Menu items tend to look small, squished, and not legible on a mobile device.

Around 50% of your guests will view your website on a mobile phone to view the menus. 

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