Adding Images


Adding images is super easy within BentoBox. You can add them within any content section of the site. A content section is where there is a text editor.


Adding Images

To insert an image into your text box you have to click on the image tab in the toolbar.


Once selected, a window pops up on your screen

There are 2 ways to add an image to this box.

1. Upload: You will select the "choose file" to find the image from your computer. You can also drag/drop the image into the dotted fields.

2. Choose: This chooses from a library of photos. You can pick an image that you or your Bento rep has previously uploaded.


Once the photo is uploaded it is placed into your text box.

If you double click on the image, you can enable the edit settings.

To make the image smaller or larger, drag the black corner either up or down to change the size.

If you click into "Edit", you have the option to add a link or change the alignment.

To hyperlink the image, please put the URL in the "Link" field. As a best practice, we recommend having images link out to an new tab, if you're linking to an external link (a URL to buy tickets, instagram, etc...)

To change the alignment of the image, update the position. This can be centered, left or right justified. You can also change the position of your image by clicking the drop down menu.


Always check the photo looks good on your mobile device! 

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