Adding New Pages

BentoBox gives you the freedom to add any type of page to your website. This page can live in the Main Navigation, Footer or as a Standalone Page.

Adding a page to the Main Navigation & Footer, will display immediately on the website. You can always hide these pages until you're ready to publish.

A Standalone Page means this page is not accessible unless it is linked somewhere on your website. Standalone pages are perfect for one-off events. Once you've created this URL, you can use that URL to send it to the public, add it to an email newsletter blast or hyperlink it on another page.

This is only applicable for sites with multi-page capability. Please contact support or your Account Manager if you aren't sure how your site is set up.

Adding a Basic Page

  • Go to Pages/Nav
  • Select the section (Main Navigation, Footer, or Standalone Page) that you want to add a Page.
  • Go to the right of that section until you see the "Add Page" button.

  • Once you've clicked Add Page. A module will pop up.

Name is what will display in your navigation

Details: Nav Type shows you multiple options

  • Page 
  • Single Box
  • Box List
  • Existing Page
  • Link 

For this situation, you'll want to select "Page". After, you'll be prompted to select a Page Template.

Details: Page Template lists all of the templates that your website theme has. You'll want to select "Basic Template" or "Generic Template" (depending on your website's theme)

Please note, some Page Templates are associated with Boxes. For example, if you have a team section that has multiple team members (in Boxes > Team Members) and you add another Team Template to your website, those team members will be pulled in to this website. 

Details: URL is the URL that your new page will live at. Do not add a backslash to the beginning. BentoBox already does that for you!

As a best practice, here are some tips when creating your URL:

  • Do not put spaces in this url title. If you want it to have multiple words, use 'dashes'. Ex. 'valentines-day'. Those urls will display as '
  • Do not use all caps. You can if you want, but it's not necessary.
  • Do not put any special characters like: !@#$%^&*(){}:"{<>/\|. BentoBox, Your Website, Google, all of those platforms will not like those.

After you've created this page, you can rearrange the order.



If you're ever unsure or forget the URL that you've created for the page. Just go into the respective page & click "Save & Preview". It'll open a new window with that URL.

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