To add new press, go to Boxes > Press. You'll select the blue button:  "Add New".

Add Press with a live URL Link

Using the Press Clipper

  • Copy & paste the article URL directly into the platform. BentoBox will try to pull as much information as it can from the article. This includes the Article Title, Publish Date, Source & Image.
  • To swap the image, you can select "Change" to manually update it.


Adding PDF Press Articles

  • You'll need to manually add the press articles by selecting "Add manually instead"

  • It will display all fields for you to manually input.
  • You'll need to upload the PDF version of your press article to the "File" Field.
  • Since BentoBox will not let you save unless there's a URL associated with the article, you can simply put "#" in the URL field to override that.


Using BentoBox to the fullest?

If you integrate your restaurant's Facebook & Twitter with BentoBox, you'll automatically be prompted to push your press update on those social media channels.


Learn how to integrate your Facebook & Twitter to use this feature!

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