Adding a URL to your Navigation

BentoBox gives you the freedom to add external URLs to your navigation. This is perfect if you want to link out to Delivery services.

Adding a URL to the Main Navigation & Footer, will display immediately on the website. You can always hide these pages until you're ready to publish.

The link the footer may not display if your site does not have this enabled.

Adding a URL to your navigation

  • Go to Pages/Nav
  • Select the section (Main Navigation, Footer, or Standalone Page) where you want to add a Page.
  • Go to the right of that section until you see the "Add Page" button.

  • Once you've clicked Add Page. A module will pop up with 2 fields:
  • Name is how it will display in your Navigation
  • Details: Nav Type shows you multiple options: you'll want to select "Link". 

  • You'll be prompted back to Pages/Nav. This is where you'll add the URL. Please note that you'll need to include the "https://" if you are linking out externally.




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