Store Settings

In order to start selling items on your website your store settings MUST be completed and set up properly.


How to edit your store settings

To get to the Store Settings, go to "My Bento > Store." Select "Settings" to open and edit these fields.



What does each store setting field mean?

Store Name
This is often just the name of your restaurant. It gets displayed as the browser title and in email correspondence.
Example: Restaurant Name's Store

Guests receive email receipts after completing a purchase. So you want to use an email address that these emails can be sent from and also can receive notifications after a guest has made a purchase. You have the option of adding multiple email addresses by hitting enter after each email. 
Note: We recommend putting a general email address and a specific person's contact email as well.

Phone Number (Optional)
This is the phone number that your guests can reach you. 

Pick Up Hours (Optional)
If your products will be picked up (see Product Details) this displays on check out and in email correspondence.

Meta Description
This is the description for SEO and will display on the search results page. This description will also show up when you share the link on Social Media.
Example: Purchase goods & gift cards at Restaurant.

Confirmation Message
This displays after a guest as purchased an item. 
Example: Thank you!

Refund Policy (Optional)
If you have a refund policy, this will display on the footer of your checkout page.

Checkout Logo (Recommended)
The logo that appears in your email correspondence.




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