Understanding Products

When your product is marked as "Shipped" or is located within Store > Product. This is a breakdown of all of the fields & what they mean for your item.


Product Settings

Clicking the gear will always enable settings for that page. When you select the gear within a product, you have the option to Publish or Unpublish your product. 

  • Publish - This is the default when you create a new item. This means that your item will display in your store. 
  • Unpublish - This means your item is not visible in your store. You can still view the site by going to the Permalink (see below). This also means if someone has the link to this specific product item, they can purchase it. If you are unpublishing a product because you no longer sell it, you should set your inventory to 0.
  • Publish Date - Learn more about that here
  • Unpublish Date - Learn more about that here



Product Name

This is the name of your product. It is what will display on the website in your store. When you create a new product, this will also be part of the permalink or URL. This is how you can view an unpublished store item.





This is the description of your product. You need something in this field in order to save the product.


Pricing & Variants

Pricing & Variants are how you add sizes, colors, or options for each product in your store. Within each variant, you'll need to add:

  • Price* 
  • Weight* 
  • Inventory* 
  • Other (if you'd like)



This is where you can display images of your product. These are built to be a gallery. The first image in the gallery will display as the Thumbnail image. The remaining images are what display within the product detail page.


Sales Tax Product Category

This is defaulted to "General Taxed Item." You have various options here. Be sure to test that this is using the right tax rate for you.





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