Sales Report Overview


BentoBox Sales Report provides restaurants with a clear snapshot of your online business performance, highlighting average order value, top menu items, gross and net sales. The Sales Report has multiple sections which report sales data from the selected date range and is a quick way for you to gain insight into your Online Ordering, Catering, Tickets, Merch, and Gift Card stores by exporting an easy-to-read XLS report that breaks down your revenue metrics, fees, tips, top-performing items, gift card liability & redemption. 

Note: For customers using Payment Requests and Events Management; the sales report currently does not include these transactions. You will need to refer to Events Management inquiries and payment requests exports separately. 

How to Export your BentoBox Sales Report

  1. Log in into BentoBox backend

  2. Click on Sales Report from the nav under the reporting section. If you don’t see the sales report option, please check your user permissions.

  3. Select the fulfillment date or purchase date that you wish to export a sales report for and Click Export

  4. Select the timezone you wish to generate the sales report in and click Start Export

  5. You should receive your Sales Report by email as an XLS attachment within 5-10 minutes.
    Please make sure to include as an exception filter in your inbox to ensure the sales report doesn’t go into the spam folder. 

Note: You can always filter by location or Store Type if you wish to narrow down your sales report export. 

How to grant Sales Report access to staff members

All admins and managers have access to the Sales Report. However, if you wish to grant access to a staff member, follow these steps. 

  1. Login to BentoBox backend with admin access

  2. Click on users under settings

  3. Find the user you wish to grant access to

  4. Click the pencil icon (edit)

  5. Select the privileges role by Location or by section

  6. Check the Reports checkbox

  7. Click Save

Definitions & Calculations

Included below is a high-level overview of the Sales Report sections and a breakdown of how the metrics are calculated. 


  • Net Sales: Total Sales (including Tips) minus any Tax, Fees, Discounts, and Refunds

    • Excludes: Gift Card Purchases

  • Gross Sales: Sales include - Tax, Tips, Digital Gift Card Redemptions, Fees (includes delivery fees, shipping fees, COVID fees, custom fees)

    • Excludes: Gift Card Purchases

  • # of Orders: The total number of orders received from all your store types (OO, Catering, Merch, Tickets)

    • Excludes: Gift Card Purchases

  • AOV: Average Order Value = Gross Sales / # of Orders

    • Excludes: Gift Card Purchases

  • Delivery Tips v/s DoorDash Delivery Tips: BentoBox has broken out in-house delivery tips v/s DoorDash Delivery Tips for any customer using Bento Door-to-door (DoorDash Drive). 



  • BentoBox Fees: Total of BentoBox Service Fee for Online Ordering & Catering or Pre-Order & Catering Orders

  • Delivery Fees: Includes all food ordering delivery fees and any local delivery fees for merch. 

  • COVID Fees: Total of donated COVID relief fees. This taxable contribution is intended to be used at your discretion to provide relief for your business. Please consult your tax advisor. 

  • Custom Fees: Total of any custom fees you have configured. Example: Catering Service charges or packaging, etc.

  • Pickup Fees: Includes pickup fees for Catering orders.


Orders by Type

  • Delivery: Includes Online Ordering, Catering/Pre-Order & Catering, Merchandise (local delivery)

  • Pickup: Includes Online Ordering, Catering/Pre-Order & Catering, Merchandise

  • Dine In: Includes Online Ordering only

  • Shipped: Includes Gift Cards & Merchandise (Mail Order)

Gift Cards

Gift cards are sold for cash; redeemable later and are accounted for in accordance with gift card laws & regulations. A restaurant cannot record revenue when the gift card is purchased since the restaurant is obligated to provide service at a later date. Therefore, the income is deferred and recorded as a liability until the customer redeems a gift card, service is provided, and contract terms are satisfied. When a gift card sale includes a promotional discount, for example, a $25 gift card is sold for $20, the restaurant should record the promotion’s cash incentive portion of $5 as a liability until redeemed by the customer.

Note: We can only report on Digital Gift Card's liability and redemption. BentoBox helps restaurants sell physical Gift Cards they independently generate, issue, and sell on-premise at their physical restaurants.  For restaurants that do not use BentoBox to power their websites, BentoBox can provide the ability to sell physical Gift Cards directly with the restaurant’s existing website. The Platform also helps you manage and fulfill these orders. Similar to a general merchandise item, the inventory and fulfillment for a physical Gift Card is handled by the restaurant. BentoBox does not manage the ledger for physical Gift Cards.  We only provide data management and processing services to facilitate restaurants’ initial sales of physical Gift Cards. 

  • Gift Card Purchases: Total sales of digital gift cards and physical gift cards for the specified sales report date range (fulfillment or purchased date)

  • # of Gift Cards: Total number of digital gift cards and physical gift cards sold for the specified sales report date range (fulfillment or purchased date)

  • Gift Card Starting Liability: Total purchase amounts of gift cards as a starting liability of digital gift cards and physical gift cards of all time. 

  • Gift Card Ending Liability: Total remaining gift card amounts the restaurant is liable for all time. Physical gift cards are not applicable because the redemption attribute happens outside of your BentoBox platform and therefore we can’t calculate your ending liability. 

  • Gift Card Redemption: Total digital gift card redemption amounts within the specified sales report date range. Physical gift cards are not applicable because the redemption happens outside of your BentoBox platform. 


For more information on BentoBox Gift Card terms and conditions, please refer to the BentoBox service agreement. 

Top Menu Items

Top-performing menu items are calculated based on the units sold. 

  • Sales: Total Sales (includes taxes)

  • % of Total Gross Sales: Total Sales (includes taxes)/# sold * 100


For further assistance with this, or anything else BentoBox related, please reach out to our Support team by email at or by phone at (646) 585-5021.