Browsers supported on BentoBox

Supported browsers

BentoBox supports most browsers for viewing and making changes to your site. We support and focus our efforts on keeping our platform optimized for the most recent versions of major browsers. As of April 2019, you can view and/or edit a BentoBox site on the following browsers on PC and Mac:

Operating Systems

We support the BentoBox platform on the two most recent releases of major operating systems (OSX, iOS, Android, and Windows).

Additionally, it is important to note the following:

  • JavaScript must be enabled to edit BentoBox sites.

  • The browser versions for Safari, and Microsoft Edge depend on your devices operating system.

  • Browser extensions and/or add-ons may interfere with site editing. We may ask you to disable them when working with our support team.

  • Using an unsupported browser might prevent you from accessing HTTPS versions of BentoBox sites.

Viewing and editing on mobile

All BentoBox sites allow for viewing and/or editing on mobile for Chrome and Safari (iOS only). However, when we add new features to BentoBox, we may introduce them to desktop prior to mobile devices to guarantee their functionality and gain user feedback.

Display variations

Your websites might appear differently between browsers, especially between mobile and desktop. These differences are quite normal, and even expected. We can not guarantee that every feature of your site will display identically across every browser and device combination.