NEW! How to Create and Add Items to Website Menus

BentoBox's website menus are a collection of items that can be grouped into meaningful sections for your guests. It is important to create your menu items first so you can associate them to your menus later. See how to create menus here.

To add and edit items within the BentoBox backend, navigate to Website > Content Boxes > Menus > Manage Items.

The items you create will appear on this Items list page. You can quickly see the item name and which menu that item is associated with. 

You’ll also be able to edit, clone or delete an item.

Click Add Item to start creating a new item or the pencil icon to edit an existing item.

Fill out the fields in the Item Details section:

Name: This is what the item will be called within the BentoBox backend, and what your guests will see on your website menus if you do not add an item display name (keep reading).

Display Name: Optional. This is the name that your guests will see on your website menu. If you don’t set an Item Display Name, your guests will see the Item Name (see above).

Description: This will appear on your website menu for guests to see and provides more information about an item.  

Image: Optional. If you add an image to your item, it will show up on your website menu.. Images should be at least 1800px wide and 1260 px tall. Learn more about photography specs here.

If your item is one size and has only one price, select One Size under Sizes & Pricing and enter the information. You can also provide calorie information here. If your item has multiple sizes and prices (ex: half salad or full salad), select multiple sizes and add each size separately with their different prices. The size prices should reflect the price of the item before the addition of any modifiers.

Just as items need to be created before they can be added to a menu, modifiers need to be created before they can be added to an item. Select Choose Modifiers to add already created modifiers to an item. Select Create Modifier to create a new Modifier. See how to add and edit modifiers here.

Under Menu Listings, click Add Item to Menu to choose which menu and menu section you want this item to be displayed in. You can also do this when editing or creating a menu.

For each menu item, you have the ability to add dietary information across three categories. All choices are optional. See below for the categories and their options:

Be sure to hit Save at the top of the Page and you’re ready to go!

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