NEW! How to Create and Add Modifiers to Website Menu Items

Item modifiers provide optional or required customizations to menu items for your guests. 

For example, you might decide that you want your guests to have the option to add a protein option to a salad item, or you could require a selection be made for a specific taco filling. 

To add and edit modifiers within the BentoBox backend, navigate to Website > Content Boxes > Menus > Manage Modifiers.

The modifiers you create will appear on this Modifiers list page. You can quickly see the modifier name, the modifier options, and which items it is associated with.

Click Add Modifier to start creating a new modifier or the pencil icon to edit an existing modifier.

Fill out the fields in the Modifier Details section.


Add the individual options for the modifier and any price variances.


Finally, use Choose Items to select which items you’d like to add the modifier to. If you offer the same set of sides across multiple entrees, create one modifier that has all of the sides and then apply that modifier to each entree.

Be sure to hit Save at the top of the Page and you’re ready to go!


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