How to schedule publish and unpublish dates


Content Boxes are used in the BentoBox backend to easily organize content. The types of content managed in content boxes include:

  • Locations

  • Menus

  • Team Members

  • News Posts

  • Press

  • Events

  • Private Event Venues

  • Galleries

  • Job Positions

When updating a content box on your BentoBox website, you can publish and unpublish pages as well as schedule pages or content to appear or come down automatically on a certain date and time.

Learn how to publish or unpublish content.

Scheduling a publish or unpublish date

You can also schedule when content in boxes will be displayed and removed so that seasonal menus or holiday promotions will automatically appear or be removed when the time is right. You can set both a publish and an unpublish date for any given page, so a Super Bowl menu (for example) could go up in mid-January and come down the Friday before the game.

These steps can apply to any piece of content managed in the boxes section of the backend for all subscription types.

  1. Open the page you’d like to display or remove in the BentoBox backend.

  2. Click on the settings panel at the right of the page. 

  3. Choose the dates and time that you want the page or content to appear on your website.

  4. To schedule an unpublish date, click the “Set an Unpublish Date” button.

  5. Choose the date and time that you want the page to be taken down.
    Note: You MUST set both an unpublish and publish date in order for the page to be taken down. 

  6. Click “Save” at the top right corner of the screen to update the page’s scheduling.