Online Ordering Fee Settings in Clover


When is the fee taken out?

When an order is placed through Bento Ordering, the diner pays a $.99 service fee* which is collected by BentoBox. The experience with how the $.99 online ordering service fee is collected within Clover varies based on Fiserv/Clover settings that were set during the onboarding process. 

Recommended Experience: Settings are set to Rollup 2 - Net Transfer Amount, which will deposit the Net Payment (Sales - Credit Card Fees - BentoBox Fee = Net Deposit) into the associated bank account. 

If your system is not set to Rollup 2 - Net Transfer Amount, the full payment will be deposited and then the credit card fees and BentoBox fees are deducted from the bank account.

If you would like to change the way the $.99 online ordering fee is collected, please reach out to Clover Customer Service by phone at (855) 853-8340 or online here to change the settings on your account.

*Fee subject to state laws

For further assistance with this, or anything else BentoBox related, please reach out to our Support team by email at or by phone at (646) 585-5021.