Door-to-Door Delivery FAQ


Door-to-Door Delivery is a delivery fulfillment service for BentoBox's Takeout & Delivery; If you are looking for more in-depth support try these other help articles.

What will diners see? 

  • Diners choose delivery as their fulfillment type, timing, and then complete their order. Based on their preferred communication method, they receive SMS or emails with courier tracking links. 

What does Door-to-Door Delivery look like for restaurants? 

  • Your team can easily see “DoorDash” as the fulfillment for any incoming delivery orders. Clicking in an order’s detail page shows further information like order status (i.e. Driver Unassigned, Driver Assigned), courier’s name, ETA, and phone number. 

What fees are collected for Door-to-Door Delivery? 

  • BentoBox does not take a cut when using Door-to-Door Delivery.

  • A flat delivery fee of $6.99 USD ($8.99 - CA) / $8.50 CAD per order plus tips will be charged by DoorDash Drive and sent to you by invoice at the end of each month.

  • After restaurants sign a Manhattan-specific addendum to their DD contract, their delivery fees will be: $4.25 for 0-1.5 miles, $6.25 for 1.5-2.5 miles, $8.25 for 2.5-3 miles.

  • Restaurants are responsible for paying DoorDash each month from accrued flat delivery fees and tips paid by customers. 

  • By default the customer pays for the fee as part of their total, but a restaurant can also choose to cover part or all of the fee. Either way, the restaurant is invoiced at the end of the month by DoorDash for the fee. 

Do I own diner contact info and order history for orders fulfilled by your couriers?

  • Yes, you can view and export these details at any time within BentoBox.

Who are your couriers?

  • We provide delivery couriers through a formal partnership with DoorDash Drive.

Will I be listed on a marketplace? 

  • No, Door-to-Door Delivery just manages the delivery logistics of existing orders.

What do I need to get started?

  • Just your billing information which will be entered through a secure form. If you want to get started you can contact your customer success manager, email BentoBox Support , or click the “Learn More” button within Door-to-Door partners in Online Ordering > General Settings.

How large is the delivery radius? 

  • Delivery radius for Door-to-Door Delivery is typically 3-5 miles, depending on geographical location.

Can I have my own delivery drivers and/or Door-to-Door Delivery? 

  • Not at the same time - you have to choose one option at a time, but can toggle between them.

Can Door-to-Door Delivery be turned on for only a single location?

  • Yes. It’s set at the location level.

Can we turn Door-to-Door Delivery on and off?

  • Yes - but orders that are already active with DD will continue.

Ready to get started?

You can contact your customer success manager, email, or click the “Learn More” button within Door-to-Door partners in Online Ordering > General Settings.