How to export the full diner database


The Diners section of the BentoBox backend compiles a Database of all customers who have interacted with your website, whether they booked a private event, placed an online order, purchased a gift card, ordered catering, or just filled out a contact form.

Knowing where your diners are coming from is super helpful for your marketing strategy or capturing notes on your diners. Follow the steps below to export this database to a CSV format spreadsheet

database filter.gif

  1. Log in to the BentoBox backend and click on Database under the Diners heading in the left-hand sidebar.

  2. Select filters based on date, segment, and source if needed. 

  3. Click on the Export icon next to the Add New button in the top right corner of the Customers page.

  4. A CSV file will download to your device. The file can be opened in Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or the spreadsheet application of your choice. 

Please note, on Feb 2nd, we updated all customer diner databases to include their diner's source & segment. Because of this, their Last Updated date was changed to Feb 2nd. However, if needed, each diner's original Created date is viewable in the export file provided.