Diner Profiles

BentoBox’s Diner Profile provides restaurants with a high-level view of a diner’s preferences, orders, and marketing activity within BentoBox. With Diner Profile, you can click into a diner’s information and view in-depth profiles of your diner’s journey across your website, ordering stores, loyalty, and more.

Diner Profile features: 

  • Diner information, such as email address, phone number, address, company

  • Engagement metrics, such as total spend, average check size, favorite items

  • Loyalty metrics, such as rewards used and current progress

  • Full order history

To look at individual diner profiles, go to your Diner Database. Diner Database allows you to keep a comprehensive look at all your diners in one place, leveraging diner metrics and introducing segmentation to the BentoBox platform.

Diner Database:

Once you click into your Database under the “Diners” navigation, you’ll be able to access each diner’s profile by clicking into each diner.


For each Diner Profile, you’ll see a section at the top with the Diner’s details, which includes:

  • Email Address

  • Phone Number

  • Address

  • Company


We have also added a series of Diner Tags based on your entire diner database: 

Diner Tags



top spenders with high-order frequency

High Spender

top spenders across all stores

Frequent Diner

diners with the most frequent online orders

Big Tipper

diners with the highest tip amounts

Facebook Follower

diners that ordered from Facebook

Instagram Follower

diners that ordered from Instagram

Note: hovering over each diner tag will also show the definition


The next section is called “Engagement” and includes:

  • Total Spend

  • Order Volume

  • Lifetime as a Diner

  • Average Check Size

  • Average Tip Percentage

  • Average Rating (will be available starting late-Oct)

  • Top 5 Favorite (or most ordered) Items

  • Total Spend, Order Volume, and Last Purchase Date for each Store Type

    • Online Ordering

    • Catering

    • Gift Cards

    • Merch

    • Tickets

    • Private Events


The following section is labeled “Loyalty” and includes:

  • Number of Rewards Used

  • Last Reward Used

  • Current status or progress bar towards their next reward


The last section is labeled “Order History” and includes a list of all orders with:

  • Submitted Date & Time

  • Order Number

  • Store Type

  • Fulfillment Method

  • Number of Items & Order Total


At the bottom of each Diner Profile, there is a “Notes” section where you can add & save one or more notes about the diner (ie birthday, diet preferences, etc).


Diner Database Export

The Diner Database Export now includes all the metrics from the Diner Profile.