How to add a new payment request


Follow the steps below to add a new payment request. Note that you must set up payment requests before you can start sending requests.

  1. Log in to the BentoBox back end and click on Payment Requests under the Guests heading on the left hand sidebar.


  2. On the Payment Requests page, click on the “ACTIONS” dropdown and choose Add New.


  3. On the New Invoice dialog that appears, fill in the fields below.


    • Invoice Date: date of invoice

    • Amount: amount being requested

    • First and Last Name: Customer’s first and last name

    • Company Name: Customer’s company name, if applicable

    • Requestor's email

    • Memo: add any additional fields

  4. Click "Save" and a request number will generate a top. You may View, Send, or Void this invoice once it's created.