Digital Waitlist Management Overview


Waitlist offers intelligent countdown for available tables, which gives the host an estimated wait time for a walk-in guest.

How it works

The Waitlist Management feature of BentoBox’s Reservations and Waitlist products is simple:

  • The guest enters a restaurant, and discovers there are no available tables

  • The host clicks on the Table Icon to view wait time based on party size

  • Host provides an estimated wait time & hits"+Wait"on the iPad

  • The guest provides their information including their mobile number

  • With two-way SMS messaging, the host notifies the party when the table is ready.

Adding a waitlist party on the Bento Book app

You will be preconfigured with your typical wait times per shift and table size (e.g. 1-2 top lunch table = 45 min, 3-4 top dinner table = 90 min)
From there, the system takes that, and intelligently factors in reservations, current waitlist numbers, and current diners in order to provide an accurate wait time.


Visual of the +Wait screen

Watch this 3 minute video how to add a Waitlist party on the iPad.

Video highlights:

  • Operator hits the table icon to provide an accurate wait time

  • Operator hits "+Wait"

  • Operator adds party details