Reservations Management Overview

Online Booking

Here guests can book on a website and create, change, or cancel reservations

With Reservations Management, your guests have multiple convenient options for booking advanced reservations:

  1. Directly through your website

  2. Reserve with Google 

  3. Call or walk-in

Capacity Management

- with the ability to throttle and hold table inventory for walk in guests

In some instances, you may want to adjust the hours or shifts that reservations are accepted. Perhaps there is an upcoming private event that is closed to the public, or perhaps the restaurant is closing on a holiday.

You are able to make Shift & Capacity exceptions so that reservations are not booked during those times.

Click here to watch a 6 minute video on creating an ‘exception’ (overriding the daily capacity template) 

Reserve with Google

Let Google act as your “marketplace” for new diner acquisition. Google is a far more powerful and universal of a search engine than all of the reservations marketplaces combined. Learn more here