ADA Essentials and ADA Plus Frequently Asked Questions

I thought BentoBox was already ADA-compliant or certified accessible. Why do I need an additional subscription?

While prioritizing ADA accessibility is vital, it's important to acknowledge that despite existing guidelines, there are currently no concrete laws that establish absolute 100% compliance standards for websites. Therefore, compliance is subjective and varies depending on factors such as the accessibility tools being used.

But now with ADA Essentials and ADA Plus, we are able to utilize AudioEye’s expertise in this field to effectively assist customers with the accessibility upkeep of their sites and help with documentation and remediation if a lawsuit does occur. 

What's included in BentoBox's ADA plans?

Accessibility without ADA Essentials and Plus:
• Best practices in setup and design, prioritizing text-based menus, clear links and buttons, and high-contrast color schemes to optimize visibility. 
• Guide on how to keep your content accessible on the BentoBox platform.

Accessibility with ADA Essentials:
24/7 Monitoring with Automated Testing & Fixes
Visual Toolkit within AudioEye Widget
Commitment to Accessibility Documentation

Accessibility with ADA Plus:

24/7 Monitoring with Automated Testing & Fixes
Visual Toolkit within AudioEye Widget
Commitment to Accessibility Documentation
Advanced Legal Support

What happens if I cancel my ADA subscription?

You may cancel anytime. Your services will continue until your cancelation date.

How much work is required on my end to set this up?


Can you guarantee if I use ADA Essentials or Plus that I won't get sued?

We do not guarantee protection from lawsuits, however, having this accessibility add-on on your website significantly reduces the chances of receiving a lawsuit.

Am I guaranteed to be 100% compliant with ADA standards with ADA Essentials or ADA Plus?

There is no such thing as a 100% compliant website because there are no federal laws around what it means to have a compliant website. That said, ADA Essentials and ADA Plus ensure your website is as accessible as possible. It's one of the most trusted tools in the market for this kind of work.

How quickly will the AudioEye Widget appear on my site?

Accessibility monitoring on the day you sign up for your ADA Essentials/Plus plan, but it may take up to 14 days for the widget to appear. 

What happens if I receive a demand letter or lawsuit with ADA Plus on my site?

In the event that this does occur, we will supply you with a Sustainable Testing and Remediation (STAR) Plan from AudioEye, which speaks to all the work that has been done on your site. Please reach out to your BentoBox contact requesting this information and they will get this for you. 

We will also have our accessibility partners at AudioEye review the allegations and provide additional correspondence as needed.

Is the toolbar present on mobile?

All the remediation work that has been done on your website does carry over to mobile. Help Desk and the Certification Statement tools on the toolbar will be the only tools that show up on mobile.

The rest of the tools do not appear on your mobile website because these devices are already equipped with accessibility tools like VoiceOver (Apple) and TalkBack (Android).

What browsers are ADA Essentials and ADA Plus compatible with?

Both tools work with all modern, standard-compliant Web browsers, including the latest two versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer 11.
As of January 12, 2016, Microsoft stopped providing security updates, compatibility fixes, and technical support to Internet Explorer 10 and below. As a result, these non-secure, legacy browsers are not supported by ADA Essentials or ADA Plus powered by AudioEye. Microsoft is only providing these updates to IE 11+ going forward.

Can I change the color of the blue widget?

Unfortunately no. This icon must remain as is.

Can we hide the widget completely? Or can we put the icon in our accessibility statement?

Unfortunately, this is not available. Having the icon on your website is powerful because it showcases that you've thought about website accessibility and are actively working on the issue.

Can ADA Essentials or ADA Plus make PDFs accessible?

ADA Essentials and ADA Plus are currently unable to make PDFs accessible.

Can ADA Essentials or ADA Plus add captions to my videos for me?

No; ADA Essentials and ADA Plus cannot make fixes on third-party technologies like Youtube or Vimeo. 


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