A guide to navigation types

It’s easy to update the main navigation, footer navigation, and standalone pages of your BentoBox website from the Pages/Nav section of the backend. To get to the Pages/Nav section of the backend, just log in to your BentoBox site and click on Pages/Nav in the left hand sidebar.

On the Pages/Nav section landing page you will see a bird’s eye view of your site’s Main Navigation, Footer Navigation, and Standalone Pages.

Main Navigation

Depending on the theme that your site uses, the main navigation is either at the top of the page or on the side of the page. The main navigation, or main nav for short, is the most prominent navigation for a visitor, and contains links to the main sections of your website. This can include menus, location information and hours, news, press, and other sections.

Footer Navigation

The footer navigation sits at the bottom of your website and is similar to the main navigation but usually contains secondary links such as job listings, contact form, and gift card sales. What belongs in the footer navigation as opposed to the main navigation is largely subjective and varies from business to business.

Standalone Pages

Not every page on your site needs prime placement in the main or footer navigation, and when it comes to web design, less is often more. The standalone pages let you include pages that aren’t linked to in either navigation. They are still live and can be linked to from elsewhere on your site, but don’t get featured on the main or footer navigation.