Managing Menus

Managing Menus within BentoBox's Online Ordering

When managing menus for online ordering, it is most helpful if you already have a few menu items ready; including names, descriptions, and prices. 

These can be added in Online Ordering > MANAGE MENUS > Items. 

(Your menus will be added and edited in MANAGE MENUS > Menus). 

It is important to understand and review the Relationship between Menus and Items within Online Ordering outlined here.

Your BentoBox's Online Ordering menu exists separately from your general website menu, which is also located in your backend by going to Content Boxes > Menus. Your Online Ordering menu(s) can be shared across other locations that have online ordering enabled. 

Note that two menus cannot show up at the same time in Online Ordering for your guests. Determining when each menu will appear uses a concept called “Menu Hours.” With this concept, it is important to view your menus, and menu sections, as what food options should be available at certain times.

Example: If you offer desserts during dinner service, your dessert menu items must be included in the same menu as your other dinner items. There, dessert items can be easily grouped into their own section. You cannot offer “Desserts” as a standalone menu. 

An important note about menu hours: Your start and end times for your menu become the first and last order pickup times available for your guests. 

Example: if your dinner menu starts at 5:30 PM, that means a guest can place an order for 5:30 pickup. If your kitchen starts preparing dinner orders at 5:30, you should add whatever your prep time is to 5:30 PM and make that be your menu start time; e.g. 5:30PM + 30 minute prep time = 6:00 PM as menu start time. The same applies for menu end times. Visit Understanding Menu Hours for more information.

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