Managing Modifiers

How to add new modifiers to BentoBox's Online Ordering

Log into the BentoBox backend and navigate to the Online Ordering section.


Go to MANAGE MENU > Modifiers. 


Click the ‘Add New’ button at the top right to add details for a new item modifier. 


Here are the details you can add for each modifier: 


Modifier Name: This is the name that will be displayed  to guests in your menu.

Help Text: Optional. This is a brief description that helps guests understand what they need to select  (i.e. “Please choose at least one topping.”).

Option Selection Rules: Set the lowest and highest number of choices that can be selected.

Example 1: If you have 3 choices of bread for a sandwich, you would want to input a value of “1” for both “At Least” and “At Most” followed by the three types within the modifier option. This would translate to requiring your guest to choose only 1 bread type from 3 options.

Example 2: If you have a burger item, you may have a modifier called “Cheese” with a few options like “Swiss” or “cheddar”. Since cheese may be optional for a burger, you would input a value of “0” for “At Least” and a value of “1” for “At Most”. This would translate to having cheese be optional on the burger, with a maximum choice of 1 option for Cheese.

Modifier Options: Add the individual values for modifiers and any price variances. These prices will be totalled across modifier choices, then combined with the item price before being added to the cart.

For example, if a burger is $10 and there are modifier options at different prices (e.g., Swiss cheese is $1 while cheddar cheese is $1.50), the total added to cart for a burger with Swiss cheese would be $11 (pre-tax).


Use the eye icon to disable options for guests if you run out of availability. Note: Options that are disabled will appear grayed out for guests.


Items Modified: Choose which items you’d like to add the modifier to.

Example: If you offer the same set of sides across multiple entrees, create one modifier that has all of the sides and then apply that modifier to each entree.


After adding any of the fields above, click the “Save” button to successfully add the modifier. 

This is how modifiers look when placing an order online: