ItsaCheckmate POS integration - FAQ

When does BentoBox push an order into my POS system? 

Orders are sent to your POS once they are marked as “In Progress” within BentoBox.  

The order that printed through my POS is missing information.   

Order information should never be missing from a POS receipt/chit. If there is information missing, but is listed within the order in BentoBox, please contact Itsacheckmate at and list your business name, order number, and POS system in the email with description of issue. 

Do my BentoBox fees still work with the Itsacheckmate POS Integration?   

Yes! Your BentoBox fees will still be part of each Online Order and the cost of those fees will be reflected in the orders within your POS. BentoBox fees will still be managed within the BentoBox backend

How do my menu items in my ItsaCheckmate dashboard get added to an online ordering menu through BentoBox?

Once you enable the POS Integration, we will automatically create the menu with the modifiers,  items, and sections/categories synced over from your ItsaCheckmate dashboard. 

I have Dine-In enabled in my BentoBox platform; does that work with the ItsaCheckmate POS Integration?     


What POS systems can ItsaCheckmate integrate with?  

ItsaCheckmate integrates with 20+ POS systems. Click here to check out the full list of POS systems that can be integrated.