7 Examples of Meal Kits and Specials You Can Sell through BentoBox


Offering meal kits and specials through BentoBox's Online Ordering allows people to buy in bulk through one single item. Fast checkout for your guest, fast revenue for you. 

Meal kits take the guesswork out of the guest experience. You ensure higher revenue by matching different menu items for your guests, grouping them into a higher-value, single item. 

You become the connoisseur of your menu for your guest, and diners spend less time completing their purchase once they land on your menu. 

Examples of What Other Restaurants Are Selling

Example 1: Date Night with Optional Upsell


Oxalis Pantry includes a salad, two entrees, an optional bottle of wine, and add-on brunch using item modifiers with an added cost. Diners who check off all options check out at $131.  

They do a great job making their meal kit attractive with a visual of the meal prepared and ready to eat, as well as including a mouth-watering description of what’s included: 

An Evening in Sardinia - This week's Date Night takes you on a trip to the island of Sardinia, highlighting both Sardinia's array of seafood and bounty of vegetables. Included in this kit for two is fregola sarda fruitti di mare, culurgiones, zuppa gallurese (**contains lamb**), cherry tomato salad, farinata, garlic chive pesto, cold bean minestrone, and ricotta & lemon seadas with lemon thyme honey. ***This kit contains nuts, gluten and shellfish***

Pro Tip: Use our Low Inventory feature to set a limited quantity of how many kits you have available to sell. We’ll show diners when you’re running low and sell out the kit for you.

Example 2: Three-Course Dinner at Home

If you want to bring your dine-in experience to your diners, provide a three-course meal in one online ordering item. A diner clicks into the item and selects the required modifiers for each course:



In this example from Cafe Bizou, you would set each course as a modifier, using options where a diner needs to select “at least 1 and at most 1” in order to make each section required.

Example 3: Take-Home Meals for Restaurant Week


In this example from Backstreet Cafe in Houston, the top section of the menu offers pre-curated options for restaurant week. All a diner has to do is select the item and add to the cart.

Pro Tip: Flat-lay photography showing items plated on a dish with a solid background makes fine-dining meal options more enticing to diners. It also shows the breadth of items included. 

Example 4: Pitcher of Drinks to Accomodate Groups

Whether you sell margaritas, other cocktails, beer, juice, or something else, you can recreate this example from Cactus Cantina in D.C.:


Diners on the go are looking for easier ways to drink cocktails at home or outside. Make it easier for them by pre-making and pre-packaging the same drinks they love at your restaurant. 

Example 5: High-Value Meat Entree for One

Follow this great one from Summer Shack in MA: 


Use the item name to indicate the type of meat and how it’s cooked. Then, you use the modifier option to require the diner to select a size. Name the modifier “What size would you like? (Choose 1)” so they are clear on what’s required. Then, you can add a price variant to larger-sized items — automatically adding the extra “+$XX.XX” charge to the diner’s cart as they check out. 

Gramercy Tavern also does a great job of this, offering a “Dinner Set” for one. Here’s the description they include with the item: 

“Serves one. Eggplant Dip, Chilled Cucumber Soup with Sugar Snap Peas, Whole Steamed Lobster with Grilled Zucchini, and Chocolate Bread Pudding with Chocolate Anglaise. We are unable to accommodate special requests.”

Example 6: A Full Week’s Worth of Meals


Oxalis Pantry provides another great option of using simple ordering — for the guest at checkout and the restaurant managing the incoming order — to increase revenue. Each pack costs $205 and provides some of the most popular daily specials a couple could want.

Example 7: Virtual Wine Dinner


This is a very creative idea from Backstreet Cafe where diners can pre-purchase a $135 dinner-and-wine kit for pickup on the weekend. Once they make their purchase, they are sent a Zoom invite to join the Saturday evening event. 

Pro Tip: Consider the simplicity of a non-customizable meal for your operations team and for faster guest checkout. You can use your item description to lay out ingredients for each course.

Now, let’s set up your meal kit or specials in BentoBox.

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