Guest Management Overview

With BentoBox's Reservations and Waitlist products, you own your guest data. As you capture information from walk-in guests and online bookings, this information can be added to your guestbook.

  • The system automatically surfaces past/upcoming reservations based on profile lookup, allows the operator to enter notes, and allows the operator to use tags to demarcate guests as VIP*, first-time, etc.

Guest data can populate in two separate places:visit notes and guest profile notes.You can also use tags to highlight special occasions or important notes.

Visit Notes are one-off specific visiting notes put in by the guest or the operator. For example, "I'm celebrating my birthday", or, "please sit us by a window". These notes will only remain with the guest for the duration of that one visit.

Guest Profile Notes are only added in by the operator. Have a guest who loves a specific red wine? Or do they always request to have a specific seating preference? You can add those notes in and they will continue with their guest on their booking journey. There are no limitations for guest profile notes, and the restaurant owns this data.

Tags are pre-populated identifying labels that can be used for a by-visit basis. For example, birthday or first-time guest. These tags will only be used for the visit they were tagged on, with the exception of the "VIP" tag.

Note: VIP is the only tag that will live with the guest in Guest Profile.

Custom tags are available upon request and can be created through our support team's assistance. Restaurant operators will need to reach out to support to have these added in if they want to use specialized tags.