Notifications Setup

To get push notifications on your device, make sure you have done the following:

  • On iOS Devices, you will be prompted to accept notifications when launching the Bento Book Lite app. Be sure to say 'Yes' to accept these notifications.

  • In Bento Book Lite, your App Settings have been turned on to receive notifications. You can see more info under notifications. They are on by default.

  • On iOS Devices, be sure your Device Settings are turned on to receive notifications for Bento Book Lite. If you said 'Yes' in the first bullet point above, this should be on by default.


  • If you have done all of the above and you are still not receiving notifications on your iOS Device, please try the following:

    • Fully close the app (ensure the app is closed, not minimized). This will require you to swipe up from the bottom and then swipe the app up off the screen on newer devices. You can hit the home button twice on older devices and then swipe the app off the screen. IMPORTANT: Do not delete the app. If you accidentally delete the app, please reinstall it from the App Store and log in. You will not lose any data.

    • Go to your device settings and turn "Allow Notifications" OFF.


  • Go back into your Bento Book Lite app. Wait about 10 seconds for it to recognize that notifications are turned off to reset itself.

  • Go to your device settings and turn "Allow Notifications" back ON


  • Go back into your Bento Book Lite app. The app should re-register with Apple that you are accepting notifications, and you should start receiving them when the app is in the background.

Learn more about Book Lite notifications here