Redeeming Digital Gift Cards

There are two ways to reconcile Digital Gift Cards. 

Redeem & Reconcile your Digital Gift Cards in BentoBox

You can quickly get to redeem gift cards right from the Dashboard by clicking the "Redeem a gift card" button. Once you've clicked Redeem, you'll be taken to a screen to input the actual "Redemption ID".


You'll add the redemption code that the Customer presents you within the Enter Digital Gift Card Code And Search field. 


The redemption code is found within their email underneath Redemption Code. In this example below, the redemption code is: 33K-P4C-191



You'll take their Redemption Code and add this into the field to look up an account. This is where you can reconcile the amounts for digital giftcards.



TIP: You can create specific User Permissions for your team. We strongly suggest creating one account with limited privileges to just the store.


Redeem & Reconcile your Digital Gift Cards within your POS

This process varies for all POS systems. It's strongly suggested that you speak with your POS prior to using this method. 

When a Digital Gift Card comes in, you would have to manually associate the Gift Card amount to the Redemption ID in your POS. You'll get the Redemption Code with your email notification. The redemption code is found in this example below, the redemption code is: 33K-P4C-191



You'll need to go into your POS system to associate the full gift card amount to the specific redemption code. When a guests comes in, the staff will be abel to enter the Redemption Code to check the amount. This is similar to how most physical gift cards are redeemed.

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