The BentoBox guide to photography

BentoBox themes rely heavily on photography. It’s often said that we eat with our eyes before we taste our food, so photography can be a powerful way to connect with potential customers on your website. Click here for more reading on why great photography is critical to the success of your website.

Photo specifications

Photos on your BentoBox site should be no larger than 800KB, in order to ensure fast load times. Resolution varies depending on how the images are being used.


Width: 1800 - 2000px

Height: 1000 - 1500px (varies based on design & theme)


Thumbnails appear next to private events venues, store items, and news posts.


Width: 1800px

Height: 1260px


Width: 500 - 1000px

Height: Varies based on design

File type: .png


Logos should have a transparent background and use the .png file type. Uploading an alternate logo with 5:1 ratio (horizontal orientation) is recommended.

Photo handling

Since BentoBox themes are fully responsive, they adapt to the size of each visitor’s window size. This means that depending on the width of a visitor’s browser, images may be cropped at the top or bottom.  Click here for some background on responsive web design, if you’re curious.


Uploading photos

For more information on uploading and managing images in the BentoBox backend, click here for instructions on using the Media Gallery.

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