Products 101

It’s easy to set up products in your store. Whether they are items that come in one size or variations like size and color, it can all be managed in the Products section of the BentoBox back end.


To add a new product or edit an existing one, follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to the BentoBox back end and click on Products in the left hand sidebar under the Store heading.

  2. To add a new product, click on the “Actions” drop down and choose “Add New Basic”. add-new-copy.png

    To edit an existing product, hover over the product and click the red edit button that appears.


  3. On the Edit Product dialog that appears, fill in all of the relevant fields listed below.
    • Product Name: the name of the product.
    • Select Fulfillment Methods: choose the fulfillment methods that apply to this product. This is mandatory in order to purchase a productfulfillment-dropdown-copy.png

    • Select Category: choose the categories that this product falls into. category-dropdown-copy.png

    • Description: use this field to enter the item’s description.
    • Gift Card Placeholder: check this box if the product you are adding is a gift card. If selected, the product will use the gift card settings you’ve enabled. Click here for instructions on setting up gift cards.
    • Show Quantity Field: check this box if you want to allow users to enter the quantity they want to order. Otherwise, they’ll just be able to add one of this product to their cart at a time.
    • Images: upload any images of the product. The first image will serve as a thumbnail for this product throughout the store. Subsequent images will be viewable in a gallery on the product page.
    • Pricing & Variants: if this product comes in different sizes, colors, or other variations, you can add those variants here. Users will be able to choose which version to add to their cart via a dropdown menu on the product page.

    • Sales Tax Product Category: choose which sales tax category the product falls into.
  4. Click the “Save & Close” button to save your changes.  
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