Managing store orders

When customers place an order in your store, it will appear in the Orders section of the BentoBox backend. To view your store’s orders, log in to the BentoBox backend and click on “Orders” in the left hand sidebar.

When an order comes through, it will appear in the Orders section. New orders that need to be fulfilled will display a yellow “Unfulfilled” label in the status column. orders-unfulfilled-copy.png

Click on any order to view details, including the details and actions below. view-order.png

General details



The general details include the order number, contents including what was ordered, including quantity, price, shipping, tax and totals, and payment status including last four of the credit card used and link out to Stripe or Square depending on the payment processor linked in Integrations. You can also use the “Mark as fulfilled” button to update the fulfillment status or click the “Print” button to print off the order details. You can also see the payment status, including the last four digits of the credit card used. To the right of that, you can use the links to open the order in Stripe or Square, depending on which is connected as default in Integrations, or process a refund if necessary.

Billing & Shipping, Fulfillment, and Notes


Billing & Shipping displays the billing address and email associated with the order, as well as the shipping or delivery address where applicable.

Under Fulfillment, you will find the method of fulfillment, whether it’s via delivery, pickup, shipping, or digital fulfillment. The delivery or pickup date willl also display here where applicable.

Notes displays any notes added, as well as changes to the fulfillment status. This way it’s easy to track when the order was marked fulfilled, and by which user.  

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