All BentoBox plans include hosting. Our servers are provided by Amazon Web Services, a top-tier hosting provider. All media files (such as images) are served through a content distribution network. This ensures that the files come from a server that is located close to your customers for optimal load times.

We constantly monitor BentoBox websites to make sure that they are up and running. In the event of downtime, multiple monitoring systems send alerts to our engineers, who will immediately work to resolve the issue.

Because performance is very important to us, we put in place a caching architecture that ensures your website loads quickly.

While you will always retain ownership of your domain, BentoBox will host all of the pages, files, and code under the hood.

To launch your website on your domain, all you need to do is point your domain’s DNS to the BentoBox servers. You can find instructions for that here, but we are also happy to help. Just reach out to your account manager or click here to submit a support request.

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