Creating a Google Analytics Account

BentoBox uses Google Analytics for website visitor data. Follow the steps below to set up a free Google Analytics account. Once the account has been set up, connect your BentoBox website to Google Analytics


1. Visit, click the Sign in to Google Analytics button (top right), and follow the on-screen instructions to sign into the google account you'd like to be associated with this analytics account OR set up a new google account if you don't have one.

2. In the PROPERTY column, select Create new property from the dropdown menu.
If you don't have Edit permission on the account, you won't see the Create new property option. Check that you've selected the correct account in the ACCOUNT column.

3. Select Website

4. Enter your Website Name.

5. Enter the Web Site URL.

6. Select an Industry Category.

7. Select the Reporting Time Zone.
This will be used as the day boundary for your reports, regardless of where the data originates.

8. Click Get Tracking ID.
Your property is created after you click this button, but you must also set up the tracking code in BentoBox.

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