JPG Menus

Having a JPG menu ensures that your restaurant's website keeps the exact same branding as your in-store menu! You can directly embed these JPG menus to your site. 

One thing to note with JPG menus is that on mobile devices, the menu is one flat image that fills the screen. Depending on the size of your JPG, some guests might not be able to view and read all of the content. 

Here's how to upload a JPG menu: 

  • Open or Create the specified Menu.
  • Go to the Text Editor Toolbar:
  • Insert Image & chose the specific menu you'd like to upload. 
  • Once the JPG is in the menu field, you can format it accordingly.

To align the menu (either center, left or right justified):

  • Double click the image
  • Go to the center of the image & submit "EDIT"
  • A lightbox will appear to update the image.
  • The position dropdown controls the alignment of the image.
  • Title + Link can be used if you'd like the image to link out. If you want to link out to an external site, we recommend to open these links in a New Tab so your guests never leave your site. 

To change the size of the menu:

  • Double click the image
  • Go to the corner of the image & drag them in or out to change the size

How to create JPG menus:

If your restaurant is using PDF menus, you can use converters like this:

If you're using a graphic designer, you can ask them to send a high resolution JPG version.

If you're using a Mac, you can easily export by opening the PDF file in "Preview" & exporting it to JPG.



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