PDF Menus


If you've decided to use PDF menus on your website, this should be easy to upload. To add these to your website, it's just like updating any menu.

Go to Boxes > Menus. Select the blue button "Add New"

Depending on your template type, the FILE image might work or not. 

Single Scroll - Mito

For Single Scroll Sites, uploading a PDF means your HTML menu will no longer display. When a guest clicks the specific menu, the PDF menu will open in a new window. For this template, you also have an option to upload a little image as your Menu Thumbnail

Monument Lane

To add the PDF menu, go to "File" Click on the folder button and then upload your PDF. 



A successful upload will look like this:


Multipage Templates

For our multipage templates, you'll need to upload a PDF as a hyperlink & add that copy to your menu.

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