Menu Formatting Tips (HTML Menus)

Adding menus directly by typing them? Here are some tips on getting the results that you want. If you think you're spending too much time on formatting, we also offer Itemized Menus.
To update the spacing between items, there are two ways you can create spaces. 
  • Single Spaced (directly below) - use "shift + enter"
  • Double Spaced (extra line below) - just use "enter"
Not sure what I'm talking about?
Adding Design Elements without Code
There are two ways to add images or design elements without any code. 
  1. Add a line. Most of our templates have a custom line feature incorporated on the site. You can call that line by selecting from the Text Editor Tool Bar.
2. Add images directly. You can incorporate small design elements by selecting the Insert Image icon.
Template Specific Tips
Kyoto Template
Where to add content?
You can add content in the Description if you're just adding menus to be centered on the page. We'd suggest adding it by scrolling down & selecting "Add a New Text Section".
How to make multiple columns?
Adding additional "New Text Sections" will give you multiple columns. If your menu feels too long or takes too much scrolling, a good way to prevent that is to use multiple columns. Each "New Text Section" would be 1 column.


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