A guide to Google Sitelinks

After searching for a restaurant on Google, one may notice that along with the link to the homepage, the search engine presents links to other areas of the site directly beneath that:

 These are called Sitelinks, and they help the user access the exact information they're looking for quickly.

Basic facts about Sitelinks:

  • You can't add or turn these on manually. They are auto-created by Google's algorithm.
  • You can, however, suggest removal of certain links (see Google support link above)
  • If it's a newly launched website, it might take some time (several weeks or months) for Google to index it correctly.

Read here for a more detailed description of site links.

With BentoBox, restaurants can ensure their sites are indexed correctly. With the exception of the single scroll template, all BentoBox sites have navigation items that are coded in the most optimal way possible for Google bots to recognize as the main pages and thus index as Sitelinks. 

As you can see here in the code navigation items are automatically structured properly, using an ordered list, with the correct navigation tags. 


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