Table Management Overview

Below is a general overview of Table Management with our Reservations service. If you are integrating with Clover Dining, visit our Clover-specific Help Center article here.                                                                                                          

Table Management includes:

  • A visual, customizable floor plan that allows for multiple spaces (upstairs, downstairs, outside, bar)

  • Server shift management: the ability to schedule servers on overlapping shifts; rotate servers to equalize tips/workload

  • Assign parties to specific tables; track the status of each party to quote accurate wait times with table seating timer

Watch this 7-minute video walkthrough of the home screen on the iPad.

Party Types

How the restaurant handles Table and Guest management is also directly related to party and booking types:

  • Reservations

  • Walk-ins

  • Waitlist parties


Click here to learn more about organizing and sorting your party list.