Wait Times and table seating timers

Quote accurate wait times with "party states"

Party states give your staff visibility to the status of all seated parties without leaving the host stand. You can pre-assign waitlist parties to tables as they enter "nearly finished" status.


Color signifiers for table status.

Your staff can easily update table status (seated, halfway finished, nearly finished, finished) to more efficiently run the Front of House.

For quick visibility into the table status, there are a few great table features:

"Clock" on every table

Table state color

  • The restaurant has two options for settings:

    • By default: The table counts up (shows the minutes the table has been seated)

    • Or can count down (This is based on the pre-set average turnover times size set on initial set up. The clock counts down and then turns red and starts counting up once clock hits zero)

  • Seated (blue)

    • Halfway finished (orange)

      • Nearly finished (green)

        • Finished (remove from list)

  • To move through these phases, the staff member either clicks on the party or swipes right. To reset/finish the table, swipe right after the “Nearly Finished” stage or swipe up at any time


The table status changes through the phases just by swiping