Digital accessibility FAQ


• Is the BentoBox Platform built to adhere to ADA guidelines?

The Department of Justice has not issued official guidelines outlining what it means for a website to be considered “ADA compliant.” In the absence of official guidelines, the WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines are considered the standard to measure compliance. The BentoBox platform is certified accessible to WCAG 2.1 AA standards by best in class accessibility partners. In addition, our platform undergoes regular review as the WCAG standards change.

• Does alt-text help with SEO or just ADA?

They help with both. Alt-text allows people with disabilities who use a screen reader to access websites and boosts SEO by providing search engines with additional information about what is on a website.

• Is my homepage alert image within the guidelines of ADA?

It depends. If your alert image contains text embedded in the image then you must also put the text in the text editor. For example, if your alert image contains details of happy hour then you must also put these details in the text section. We recommend using the Overlay Alert feature in the backend which is both easy and digitally accessible for homepage alerts. See here how to use the Overlay Alerts.  

• I just received a complaint that my website does not adhere to ADA regulations, help!

We’re here to help. Please contact your BentoBox customer success manager to notify them.

• What is recommended in ADA website guidelines in terms of uploading video with audio on my website?

Video that contains audio must have captions which is why we recommend uploading videos on Youtube since they have an automatic captioning solution.  Other video players either do not include a captioning solution or requires the user to pay for third party captioning services.

• What is recommended in ADA website guidelines in terms of having rotating gallery for the visually impaired?

To ensure your website’s rotating gallery is accessible to all you must enable the pause/play button. Beginning April 11th 2019, all BentoBox websites built after this date will have the play/pause control automatically enabled. However, if your website was built before April 11th 2019 and you have auto-scrolling galleries or animation, then you must manually enable this function. Click here to find out how to enable the pause/play button.


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