Adding users and assigning job titles & privileges


Log into BentoBox. Go to the side panel, "Settings > Users".

  1. Click “ADD NEW” at the top right of your screen.


  2. Fill out the necessary information. Choose the correct job title for the user you are creating


  3. Select the appropriate privilege.


  4. A link will be emailed to the user to set the password. The email will look like this:


If the staff member you’ve invited has not received the email, you can log in to BentoBox, go to Users, and press the “Resend?” button next to their name. If a resend button is not present, this indicates the user has signed up. This link expires after 2 days.

Not sure what permissions to give your staff? Keep reading.

When adding a new user, there is a field to give your team member a type of user privilege.

Here's what each of the users can do & see within BentoBox:


 “Admins” have complete access to the BentoBox application. They can create, edit, and delete content and features on all locations, and can change the settings on all features, including adding and removing users, managing integrations, and updating the payment method.


    • Updating payments 

    • Updating point of contact information

    • Downloading invoices

  • Access to add, update, edit & delete all content under WEBSITE

    • Pages

    • Content Boxes

    • Media Gallery

    • Press Kit

    • LocalSync*

  • Access to duplicate all pages, all boxes and all locations

  • Access to all features and settings in STORE  

    • Orders

    • Products

    • Catering

    • Tickets

    • Digital Gift Cards 

    • Online Ordering  

  • Access to all features and settings in MARKETING  

    • Promo Codes 

    • Campaigns 

    • Settings

  • Access to the GUESTS section

    • Guest Database

    • Events Management

    • Form Settings

    • Payment Requests

  • Access general SETTINGS

    • General settings

    • Integrations

    • Users

    • Social

    • Redirects


“Managers” have content management access to the BentoBox application as well as the dashboard. They can create, edit, and delete content and features on all locations and change the settings on most features. 

Manager restrictions: 


  • Add, duplicate, or remove locations

  • Access general SETTINGS

    • General settings

    • Integrations

    • Users

    • Social

    • Redirects

By Section

"By Section" users have restricted access to the BentoBox application based on a custom selection of privileges. Select which content and features you would like this user to have access to. 

  • A definition of each section is listed here.

By Location

Admins can be more granular by giving custom access to different people on their team by certain locations. This will allow these restricted users access to sections of the BentoBox platform associated with the locations selected.

  • Access to specific areas of the platform based on which location(s) are tied to the user

  • A definition of each item is listed here.


Note: All user permissions have access to the dashboard.

* This is only applicable for accounts with our eCommerce add-ons. If you would like to learn more about our eCommerce features, please email

For further assistance with this, or anything else BentoBox related, please reach out to our Support team by email at or by phone at (646) 585-5021.