Email Notification Groups for Takeout & Delivery


Once you have set the Email Notification triggers for Takeout & Delivery, these notifications will automatically send from BentoBox based on the location and notification group of the order. 

New Order

This email comes as soon as a successful pick-up order has been placed.


Cancelled Order

 This is the email notification you will see when an order has been cancelled. 


New Sold Out Item 

When you mark an item as sold-out, you will receive this email notification. 



Email Notification for refunded orders. 


Manual Store Closure

 This is when someone manually disables, or turns off the store. 


Manual Store Opening


Scheduled Closures

This notification will remind the group on that location of a scheduled holiday coming up the night before in case they want to take action. 

All Day Scheduled closure


Scheduled closure with a time-range notification for when you’re only closed for half a day. 


Unaccepted Orders

If an order has been missed, this is the reminder you will get to make sure the order gets accepted and prepared. 

If you have Autopilot on, this notification won’t apply  because your orders are accepted automatically once they enter the prep time.  

Single Unaccepted Order



Multiple Unaccepted Orders


Overdue Orders

The system checks if there are new overdue orders every minute and will send alerts as new orders become overdue. 

For example, if you have 3 new orders that become overdue at the same time, it will send 1 email to alert the group so that they can go to the live orders and action-mark them as completed; it won’t send the same alert every minute. 

Overdue Single Order Notification


Multiple Overdue Orders