How to add items to a menu

After adding the name, image, and hours for your menu, press “Save” before moving on to add sections and items; click “Add New Menu Section.”

This is where you will add new sections and associate existing menu items to sections.

Section name & description: This is a category within your menu. For example, a Dinner Menu could have the following Menu Sections: Appetizers, Entrées & Desserts. Sections allow your guests to easily sort through longer menus. Each menu must have at least one section and the descriptions are optional.


Next, you can add existing menu items to the newly created section. This is done by clicking the “Add Existing Items” button.

Add Existing Items: This button opens a list to easily search for and view all of your existing items within Online Ordering. 

After selecting your desired items, click the button “Add Items” to successfully add all selected items to the menu section.


Reorder Menu Sections: Each menu section can be reordered through this button or using the arrow icons at the top right of the section name field. 


Reorder Menu Items: To reorder menu items within a section, hover your cursor over the 6 dots to the left of the menu item, then click to drag the item to the desired location.


Click here to learn how to edit, delete, or duplicate a menu.