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    Stacey Larson

    Your "Editing images in the Media Gallery" paragraph is misnamed.  You only give instructions on how to name the photo and add a web link. You do not provide instructions for actually, what I feel, is editing a photo.  You need to include instructions or have features that allow someone to be able to change the size/cropping, rotating, enhancing etc. a photo in this section.  Might I suggest going to websites like Snapfish or Shutterfly and see how they do uploading and editing of photos?

    I would like to see you address issues of uploading and editing/cropping a photo so it shows up properly on someone's webpage.  I select a photo and it shows up perfectly in the "images" thumbnail on the page I am working on.  Then, once I save and close and go to the live web page, it is completely different.  It's so frustrating!  PLEASE change the thumbnail image to show exactly how it will be appearing on the webpage so I don't have to go back and redo the photo (sometimes more than 2-3 times) so it shows up like it's supposed to.  

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