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    Jake Kevan

    It was 3 PM on that cloud, windy afternoon when we straddled our rented bike once more. Dee suggested we ride to Old Goa. It wasn't too far and the weather was perfect for a ride. The clouds were grey but there was a cool wind constantly blowing in from the sea.

    As usual, Dee sat close behind me on the bike. Her firm breasts pressed hard against my back while her lovely, shapely legs were clamped tightly to mine. Her bare arms were loosely wrapped around my waist and her hands rested on my crotch casually as we started our ride.

    The recent rain had left everything looking vivid green at the side of the small, loopy road which leads from Calangute to Panjim. We encountered very light traffic. Riding down from the bridge across the Mandovi River before Panjim, we took a U-turn on the left, ran a circle around the roundabout before following the river inland. The road ran right along the southern banks of the river which ran sluggishly with the monsoon rains a few meters on the left.

    We enjoyed the pretty, quaint and brightly-colored houses along the way. Dee and I wondered aloud about how nice it would be to live in one of the river-facing homes. Around half hour from leaving Calangute we reached the large square in the small town on Velha live sex.

    "Wow!" Dee and I both said aloud when we first got a glimpse of the huge Church of St. Francis of Assisi on the left.

    We parked our bike in the parking lot and walked into the huge courtyard through the big, black iron gates. Dee caught my arm in hers and led me through the well-manicured courtyard and to the tall, maroon doors of the church. It was cloudy outside and the interior of the church at the time was gloomy, with the high-strung chandeliers and bulbs barely able to dispel the dark weather from outside.

    When our eyes adjusted to the gloomy interior the high-vaulted ceiling and the intricate décor of the whole place came into view. I turned my head around to take a look and noticed there were only a handful of tourists at the front and a few old locals sitting in the front pews, praying with their heads bowed. Dee and I looked at the body of the patron saint at the right of the entrance for a while before she pulled me to walk along the wall.

    Dee became very engrossed in the interior, being a student of the field, and was soon stopping and bending to look at something especially interesting. I was more interested in the history of the church and wondered about it. However, whenever Dee stopped and bent, her short dress would rise up and reveal her thong-clad crotch. Even in the darkened interior, her golden brown skin reflected the yellow ceiling lights visibly.

    I felt a stirring in my pants but I took a few breaths. Soon, the small group of tourists stepped out of the church. Dee and I had reached the eastern wall where she was checking out the beautiful stained glass art that covered the tall, immense windows. I walked close behind her and we eventually stepped out into the slightly less gloomy weather outside almost an hour later.

    We bought a bottle of water from one of the small stall outside and walked to where we had parked out bike. We had to cross the parking lot to the other end of the entrance to reach it.

    Dee took a gulp of water from the bottle after she took a seat on the parked bike. She sat sideways, with her knees slightly apart and I stood in front of her. She took a quick peek behind me at the deserted parking lot before passing the bottle to me. I watched her take out one of the four thick Js we had rolled earlier in the morning. She smiled a wicked smile as I shook my head, grinned and passed her the lighter from my pocket. She never ceased to amaze me with her brazenness.

    "Mmm..." Dee moaned softly as she took the first, deep drag on the joint sex chat.

    She closed her eyes and turned her face to the sky as she passed the joint to me. I closed my eyes as I took the first, long drag on it. I heard the wet weed crackle as almost half-an-inch was turned into ash in a single pull. I held the smoke in and opened my to pass the Dee to J who was looking at me with teary eyes.

    "Whew!" She exhaled a thick cloud of acrid, grey smoke which was luckily whipped around the dissipated quickly with the cool, moist wind outside.

    As I watched, with the smoke burning in my throat now, Dee took another long drag and passed me the J. By the time, the high-quality weed had already taken it effect and everything suddenly turned hazy. Dee's lovely, light-brown skin shone slightly and her dress matched her skin-tone, making her appear almost nude.

    After the first couple of drags, Dee started telling me how much she was enjoying our short trip. I was half-listening to her because my eyes kept coming back to the deep, narrow cleavage her bra-less, big tits made in the deep neckline of her dress. Every time Dee took a drag, her arm would crush against her right breast and make her young, firm tits jiggle noticeably.

    I was already semi-aroused from watching her lovely, big ass wobble when I followed her on the slow circuit of the church and now watching her sexy, big breasts swaying freely under her flimsy dress made me more excited.

    "Oh... someone's awake!" Dee suddenly stopped and commented, pointing to my crotch.

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