Express Checkout for Diners: An Overview

Express Checkout is a feature that increases speed-to-order returning diners by saving and autofilling checkout information. It appears at checkout for any online ordering, catering, merchandise store, gift card purchases and ticketing experiences powered by BentoBox.  


Here are the benefits of this feature, which is provided free-of-charge for customers: 

  • Increases checkout speed by fast-tracking orders to completion for returning diners. 

  • Boosts checkout conversion rate by autofilling checkout information for any future orders. 

  • Drives return purchases by remembering information in a way that is isn’t blocked by a login.

What information is saved for each guest?

  • Name

  • Address

  • Phone Number

  • Credit card (number, CVV, expiration date)

  • Any other previously used cards

How does the guest experience work? 

When a guest completes their first order with a restaurant, they see the option to check off an option that asks if they want to save their information for next time. 

When that diner returns for another order in the future, BentoBox recognizes their email address at checkout and sends a one-time password (OTP) immediately to the diner’s phone. This arrives instantly as an SMS text to their phone. The diner can simply tap the code that appears in their keyboard to enter it into checkout. This autofills their information so they can simply tap "Place Order" to complete the sale. 

What if a guest can’t remember their information?

This doesn’t require a diner to remember a username or password! Once a diner enters their email address at checkout, BentoBox recognizes them and instantly sends a code by text to their phone number on file. They enter this code into a checkout field, which pulls in their saved information. 

Other Questions — And Answers

What type of BentoBox eCommerce checkout does this apply to? 

Online ordering, catering, merchandise store sales, ticketing, and gift card sales. 

How is this different from Apple Pay and Google Pay? 

Express Checkout is different from BentoBox’s Digital Wallets in the following ways: 

  • Does not rely on Apple Pay or Google Pay being connected.

  • Saves info at first checkout for future checkout. 

  • Saves more than just credit card info.

Can you explain what a one-time password (OTP) is? 

A one-time password is a six digit code that is sent by SMS text to recognize that the device being used to access a user’s instance of saved information is, in fact, the user in question. 

Is guest payment saved in a way that is secure? 

Yes, each guest’s payment is saved in a way that is secure. A guest can only access their saved information from the same phone they place their original order through. When a guest checks out for the first time, their phone number becomes associated with the email address they enter. When they return and enter their email address, they can only unlock their saved credit card by receiving a SMS text to that same number. It’s not until this code is entered that the payment and other info auto-fills. If someone who is not the guest ever tried to access their information, the code would be sent to the guest’s phone, not theirs; they wouldn’t be able to. 

Does a saved diner account apply across all locations of my restaurant? 

Yes! A diner’s information will be saved across all locations for that restaurant.

Can a diner still check out by typing out their information if they want to?

Yes — this feature is optional for the diner and is designed to be a value-add and never a barrier to checkout. The diner has the option to check off the option to save their information, but they don’t have to. And once their information is optionally saved, they can continue to check out manually in the future if they ever wish to. 

What information gets saved, exactly?

A diner’s credit card number, CVV, expiration date, and zip code automatically get saved for any cards on file. A diner has the ability to save multiple cards, and BentoBox will show the diner upfront if any saved cards are no longer valid. This information is saved in a way that is secure and only accessible by the diner via the phone number that they saved at first purchase. 

Can I as a restaurant opt out of this showing at checkout? 

This feature is not meant to be turned off. It will not hinder your guests from checking out because it is an optional feature where the diner takes an action to opt into it, if they want to. There’s no way for a diner’s information to accidentally get saved, and a diner will never be hindered from completing checkout through this feature. 

Can a restaurant view saved information for each diner? 

No, a diner’s credit card information is always kept safe and not viewable by staff. With that said, as with any type of BentoBox-powered eCommerce, you can always access your guest database in BentoBox to see name, phone number, email address, etc. 

Does BentoBox save diner information across all restaurant customers? 

Diner information is saved for purchases at your restaurant only. BentoBox doesn't save diner information at one restaurant and autofill it at another business. 

Anything else to know?

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