Item Level Promo Codes FAQ


For Restaurants

What are Item Promo Codes?

Item Promo Codes are online promotions that only apply to specific menu items (one or many)

What stores can restaurants create Item Promo Codes for?

Restaurants can create Item Promo Codes for Online Ordering and Pre-Order & Catering menu items (if they are using our revamped Catering product). 

Will restaurants be able to offer BOGO deals?

No, Item Promo Codes cannot be used for BOGO offers yet. 

How is the promotional offer applied to items that have modifiers?

Item promotional offers are applied to the item subtotal (including modifiers). For example: If a cheeseburger costs $5 and there is the option to add bacon for an additional $2, the discount will be applied to the item subtotal of $7.

Can I limit the discount to one item per order?

Yes, by default item promo codes are limited to one item per order. This will restrict any promotion discount to only one item per order. For example, if a diner orders three burgers, and uses a promo of $5 off the burger item, only one of those burgers will receive the $5 off. Otherwise, if this is set to "Off", each of the three burgers would receive $5 off.

Can I set a promo code to require a minimum purchase?
Yes, just note that the minimum purchase amount that you set will apply to the full order subtotal — including all items in the order — and NOT just that single item. For example, if your promo code is for a cheeseburger item with a minimum purchase of $30, the guest must have items in their cart that add up to at least $30 in order for the cheeseburger promo to be applied to the order. 

If I set up a free delivery or free shipping promotion, will it apply to the eligible item or the entire order?
IF at least ONE item qualifies for FREE DELIVERY or FREE SHIPPING, then the entire order will be set for FREE Delivery or Free shipping.

If a customer is ordering two of the same items and the discount is limited to one item per order, which item will the discount apply to?

The promotional offer will apply to the highest item (including modifiers.)


Discount off is $1.00

Item 1 base cost $5.00 + modifiers: Cheese ($1.00), Bacon ($2.00) = $8.00

Item 2 base cost $5.00 + modifiers: Cheese ($1.00), Bacon ($2.00), Eggs ($1.00) = $9.00

Item 2 would receive the discount.

Can I exclude the promotional offer from being applied to the modifier?

No, not at this time.

Can I exclude alcohol from a promotional offer?

Yes, by only selecting the items you wish to discount and making sure you don’t check alcoholic beverages. 

How can I see which items were purchased with the item promo code?

You can see if a promo code was used on the order details page or you can export your CSV by items.

I can’t seem to find an item that I want to associate with a promotional offer in the item picker. Why?

Items must be associated with the menu section first and active before it will show up in the item picker. 

Can I discount a full section of items on my menu (i.e. the Appetizers section)?

Yes, there are no limits to the number of items you can associate with a promo code. You will just need to select all the items.

Will diners see the item promo code offer when they land on my menu?

No, but you can add it to your Welcome Message at the top of your menu. Log in to BentoBox and go to Online Ordering > SETTINGS > General > Welcome Message to edit yours.  You can also promote it in email, and on social media, and you can add it to your guest emails sent through Automated Marketing Campaigns and the Loyalty Program.

For Diners

Can diners use multiple promo codes during checkout?

No, at this time, diners can only apply 1 promo code at a time during checkout. 

Will diners be able to apply an item promo code and digital gift card code at checkout?

Yes, diners will be able to apply both an item promo code and digital gift card. Only one of each can be applied to a single order at this time.