How to set up Google Ads with BentoBox


Google Ads (formerly AdWords) is a service that Google offers to businesses to assist with marketing and/or growing their brand through traffic and exposure in Google’s search engine. 

To learn more about success with Google Ads, read more here.

The best way to set up Google Ads for your website is by linking it to Google Analytics (GA4) and setting up the conversions via Google Tag Manager (GTM).

GA4 is an analytics tool that provides insights into a website's activity and GTM is a tag management system that allows for swift deployment and management of marketing tags on a website without altering the code.

BentoBox integrates with both Google Tag Manager (GTM) and Google Analytics (GA4) so that an HTML code snippet does not need to be added to the website's <head>. 

First, you must have a Google Ads account to use Google Ads with BentoBox. Learn more about Google Ads and how to sign up here

If you are using GA4, follow these steps from Google to Link your Google Ads and Analytics to see the full customer cycle, from first interaction to conversion. 

To set up Google Ads conversion tracking via Google Tag Manager, follow the steps here from Google

Setting up custom events

The GA4 integration has some preconfigured events that it tracks by default (page views, outbound clicks, scrolls, etc.) and any additional custom events would need to be set up on your end for specific tracking needs via the Google Analytics portal. 

Here's a video from the Google Analytics help portal that can help you set up additional custom events and set up conversions for specific clicks. 

Creating a “Thank You” page to measure conversions for a Google Ads campaign

The “Submit” buttons on all BentoBox forms don’t have the ability to redirect to a thank you page at this time.  Please contact our Support team if you’d like to upvote this feature to be included in future platform updates or if you have any questions.