Adding review alerts to the dashboard

Our platform has the ability to display the latest Yelp reviews on the BentoBox dashboard for you to view and click to see more details. This guide will detail how to set up this feature so that your reviews will display automatically on your dashboard.

Yelp Business ID

The Yelp Business ID is part of the URL after "". Copy and paste that ID into the Dashboard section for the Yelp Business ID to see your reviews displayed on the BentoBox dashboard.


1. The Yelp Business ID for this restaurant below is: eleven-madison-park-new-york


2. Under Settings > General > Dashboard section, there will be an input field for the Yelp Business ID. Type or copy and paste the Yelp Business ID and click "Save".


3. The most recently posted Yelp review will also appear on your dashboard.